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Summer is officially here, but are you ready to wear those sexy beach dresses, skirts, shorts or hot swimming suits? Realise a scratch or awkward razor mishap from your last shave? Well, if shaving leaves your legs feeling more like sandpaper than silk, then it’s time to re-evaluate your technique. Check out these experts’ guidelines to stay fuzz-free longer and feel even more confident in your own skin. 

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1- Take a warm shower first         

Shave at the end of your shower. Soak in warm water for at least two to three minutes before beginning the shaving process to open pores and allow the hair and skin to soften up.

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2- Prevent the ingrowns

Scrub gently with a loofah using circular motions as you apply shave gel or cream. Regular tender exfoliation will help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells and ingrown hairs. Do it once or twice a week depending on how often you shave. You may exfoliate a little more than average if you have particularly coarse hair.

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3- Never shave on dry skin                                                                              

Dry shaving can be so tempting especially when we’re in a rush. But beware, dragging a razor over dry skin puts you at risk of cuts and nicks and also clogs up your razor. When your skin is wet, it is softer and less likely to flake.

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4- Pick out a good razor

If you’re shaving your legs for the first time, be sure to use a new razor to avoid irritating or infecting you skin. Choose either disposables or ones with changeable blades.

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5- Change your razor                                                                                          

Old razors give you a poor shave and build up scum and bacteria that can cause a serious skin disaster. Change the head after five to six uses, and the disposable ones after three.

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6- Skip soap                                                                                                             

Don’t turn to soap if your shaving cream runs out halfway through the job. The big bubbles and slippery residue can prevent your razor from doing the work perfectly. Stick to traditional shaving creams or gels. And if you’re out of them, try hair conditioner or shampoo instead.

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7- Shave in the right direction                                                                            

Dragging your blade the wrong way leads to a rougher shave and irritated skin. Start from your ankles and shave up. Don’t press down too hard when shaving your knees and ankles, you could cut yourself. Make sure you are shaving against the hair growth. As for your underarms, hairs grow in from all angles, so shaving up and down and then in an “X” does the trick. If your skin is extra sensitive, consider shaving in the direction of hair growth to save your skin unnecessary irritation.

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8- Don’t overdo it                                                                                                      

Running the razor over the same area repeatedly leads to irritated skin. Keep your shave in smaller strokes without pushing too hard to avoid razor burn. Using foaming shaving cream can help you notice the spots you may have missed.

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9- Rinse your razor                                                                                                  

Rinse off the blades in between strokes to ensure that a blocked razor won’t cause cuts or prevent you from nabbing every stubborn hair. Remember, the secret to a secure shave is keeping your razor piercingly clean.

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10- Keep your razor dry                                                                                        

Once you’re done, thoroughly dry you razor with your blow-dryer to extend its life. Storing your razor in a warm and wet place can cause the blades to rust, and this can cause you a painful red rash.

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11- Calm irritation                                                                                              

Pat yourself dry and immediately apply body lotion.  Use an alcohol-free lotion to avoid irritating your freshly shaved legs and if you’ve nicked yourself, apply anti-bacterial ointment on the cut right away.