140,000 Egyptians fled Libya through Sallum border crossing – Al-Tahrir News Network


According to Deputy-Director of the Sallum border crossing, Brigadier General Hussein Al-Maabadi, Egyptians fleeing the dwindling situation in Libya from early June up to 12 August, have reached a total of 140,000 people.

Wednesday evening’s tally alone recorded at 1,260 Egyptians. Al-Maabadi also told reporters that approximately 13,900 Libyans crossed into Egypt for various reasons, ranging from seeking refuge and medical care, to family reunions and education.

However, the land port’s records show that, during the same period, around 11,900 Egyptians, of the Egyptian Matrouh governorate, have crossed the borders into Libya to be with their families and relatives, including Egyptians married to Libyan citizens. Additionally, approximately 9,100 Libyans crossed back into their homeland.

Chairman of the Egyptian Land and Naval Administrative Directorate, Lieutenant General Farouk Hegazi, commissioned Sallum port officials with establishing a central crisis directorate to examine the condition of Egyptian workers and facilitate their re-entry.