141 polling stations to open for Egyptian expats


The High Elections Commission (HEC) has decided to open 141 electoral committees at embassies and consulates worldwide.

Several countries will have more than one polling station to meet the large number of voters, most notably in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Germany and China.

The formation of only one station remains to be decided on in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The chief of the Supreme Election Committee, Ayman Abbas, announced that Egypt will be holding parliamentary elections in two stages, starting from 21 March 2015.

The first stage will start on 21 and 22 March, where Egyptians from Giza who are living abroad will cast their ballots. Giza residents will be voting on 22 and 23 March. A repeat of the vote will take place on 31 March and 1 April abroad and 1 and 2 April in Egypt.

Cairenes abroad will vote on 25 and 26 April, and Cairo residents will vote on 26 and 27 April. A repeat is set to take place abroad on 5 and 6 May, and for Cairo residents on 6 and 7 May.

Minister of Justice Mahfouz Saber recently announced that 13,000 judges have been commissioned to supervise the elections.

Egypt’s new House of Representatives will be comprised of 567 members.

The electoral constituencies law specifies that 75 percent of the seats, 420, will be elected through the individual candidacy system, while 20 percent, 120, will be voted in through the party-list proportional representation system.