20 Google tricks you probably never knew existed – Al-Tahrir News Network


Google, considered the world’s largest search engine, is used by millions around the globe everyday to navigate the internet. It is also filled with many hidden tricks. Last year alone, more than 2,161,530,000,000 searches were made through Google. Most of us use Google to find information about a certain topic, yet we probably have no clue that Google is capable of so much more.

Below we list some of Google’s hidden tricks.

1. Search for “Do a barrel roll” on Google, you will be amazed by what comes up.

2. Are you a fan of Starcraft? Try searching for “Zerg Rush” but beware of the falling O’s.

3. Get sunset and sunrises times of any city by typing “sunrise/sunset in (city name)”.

4. Wondering what the weather forecast is for today? You can get weather information about any city by typing the word “forecast” beside the city’s name in Google.

5. Check any flight status by typing the word “flight” followed by the flight number in Google. Try typing “Flight MS180” to get latest flight information about EgyptAir’s flight from Cairo to Beirut.

6. Do not search for anything and hover your mouse over the “I’m feeling lucky” button to watch it change to many things like “I’m feeling hungry” and “I’m feeling wonderful” with each different button bringing up a different result.

7. Ever searched for the word “recursion”? Google tricks you into thinking you misspelled the word and will suggest the word recursion, which means repetition, to you.

8. Tried of typing? Try pressing the microphone icon in the search box and speak to search by voice.

9. Have a USPS, UPS or FedEx tracking number? Google will provide the package tracking link if you type the number in search.

10. Many people use Google translate to understand the meaning of foreign words and sentences but did you know that for quick translations you can type “translate (word) to language” in Google. Try “translate amour to english”.

11. Did you know that Google is a really powerful conversion tool? Conversions include length, temperature, speed, volume, currency and more. Simply type the “(amount) (unit1) in (unit2)”. Try “1 meter in cm” or “ 1 USD in EGP”.

12. Google is also a powerful dictionary. Simply type the word “Define” followed by any word to have its meaning .

13. Ever wished you could use Google’s powerful search on any website? Well, typing “site:(sitename)” followed by your search term will provide search results from this particular website. Try “site:tnnegypt.com egypt” to get all Egypt-related news on our website.

14. Google can help you find all the books of your favourite author, just type “books by (author name)”. Try “books by paulo coelho” to get all books written by Paulo Coelho.

15. You can use Google to search for a specific file type, just type the search term followed by “filetype:(filetype)”. Try “global warming filetype:pdf” to get all pdf documents on global warming.

16. Try typing the word “tilt” in search and see what happens.

17. Google is also a scientific calculator. Try “1+3” in search.

18. You can see the date and time in any city by typing “time in (city name)”. Try “time in Cairo” to get time information in Cairo.

19. Google can help you find public information data like population, unemployment rate, currency, GDP and more of any country, just type “(data type) of (country name). Typing “ population of Egypt” will give you population data in Egypt.

20. Google can help you decide what to eat. try typing “cheeseburger vs pizza” to have nutrition information about both foods.

Fire up the comments and let us know which trick is your favourite!