22 killed in Tripoli as government warns of humanitarian crisis – Al-Tahrir News Network


22 people were killed amid renewed fighting over control of Tripoli’s vital airport.

Islamist militias from the coastal city of Misrata led the assault on the airport, seeking to capture it from the mountain town of Zintan militia.

The exchanged shelling has set fire to at least eight huge oil depots, sending plumes of black smoke over Tripoli, Libya’s state-run news agency reported on Sunday.

Libyan medical sources stated that the actual number of victims due to the clashes may not be accurate, as many unregistered victims were transferred out of the city.

Warning of a humanitarian crisis, the Libyan government stated that hundreds of families were displaced due to the clashes in Tripoli, which suffers from a lack of fuel, food and gas supplies.

The latest fighting for control of Tripoli’s international airport, as well as Libya’s second-largest city of Benghazi, brings the death toll to 236 people.

Libya is seeing the worst state of violence since the uprising that ousted dictator Muammar Gadafi in 2011.

The fighting came as more than three-quarters of Libya’s newly elected parliament met for the first time in Tobrouk city, headed by a prominent anti-Islamist politician, which signals an immense swing against Islamist parties and extremist militias in the country.

Thousands of Libyans demonstrated on Saturday in the capital Tripoli, to express their support for military and police forces and demanding the disarming of militias.