24-hour party island to be built in Dubai


Are you a party animal looking for a new thrilling night life? Well, Dubai has just come up with one of the best tips for you.

Expected to compete against Ibiza, the world’s clubbing capital, the first man-made island totally devoted to partying is set to be built in the UAE.

Seriously, the mission of the new project is to build an island able to rival party destinations such as Ibiza.

The new night life-focused piece of land, which will be officially named ‘Dream Island’, is slated to be built in Ras Al-Khaimah, just a 40-minute drive from Dubai.

As reported by Daily Mail, it will be able to host 20,000 ravers at a time. The place will consist of two mega clubs, five hotels, 100 restaurants and four beach clubs.

The 370,000 square metres Dream Island is the third of the four islands of the Al-Marjan strip which covers an area of 2.7 million square metres. It was built in 2013 as part of the development project of the four islands but it won’t be turned into a party-goers’ paradise before 2018.

View of Al Marjan Island showing all four islands (photo: commons.wikimedia)

Initial design for Al Marjan including ‘Dream Island’ (photo: dailymail)

“We’re trying to make it the new Ibiza – a mini Ibiza dedicated solely to partying,” George Saad, Sales and Marketing Director at Al-Marjan Island, told the Daily Mail.

Saad was speaking at the Dubai Property Show in London’s Kensington Olympia where developers of the third island of the Al-Marjan project are reportedly looking to attract $4.9 billion in investments.

“People will be able to come here, stay in the hotel, party at clubs on the beach, anything in the world you can do. And we are trying to attract festivals to come here – like Burning Man,” he added.

The plan for the party island is on show at the Dubai Property show (photo: dailymail)

The 24-hour party island won’t feature any residential homes and, unlike Dubai, where a personal license to drink is needed, it will allow visitors to have alcohol freely available.

But wait! Don’t forget that “it’s a Muslim country,” Saad pointed out to local tabloid newspaper 7 DAYS Dubai. So “everything will be according to the law.”