4th edition of D-CAF festival scheduled to begin on 19 March


The fourth edition of Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) is scheduled to run from 19 March till 9 April, with this year’s program aiming to “bring a spectrum of dance, visual and performance art, theatre, music, and film to iconic venues across Downtown Cairo”, as is mentioned in the press release.

Produced by Orient Productions, this year’s edition will be executed under the artistic direction of Ahmed Al-Attar, who is also the curator of two of its six strands: Performing Arts and Urban Visions. The curators of this year’s edition also include Mahmoud Refaat (Music), Mai Abul-Dahab (Visual Arts), and Rasha Salti (Film).

While this year’s performing arts program aims to focus on audience participation, the urban visions program will resume its successful attempts to bring performing arts into public, unusual spaces. As for the visual arts program, it aims to display a selection of solo exhibitions and organise an evening for participating visual artists to present their own art.

The festival organisers have invited a programmer from Toronto International Festival to curate the film program, with this year’s edition aiming to deliver a varied range of films from an array of countries, which include Senegal, China, Denmark, Brazil, USA and more.  As for the Music program, it will feature renowned Berlin-based DJs in addition to local shaabi acts.

Finally, the Special Events program includes talks, workshops, a film master-class, film screenings and a dance performance.

“Over the years D-CAF has succeeded in re-opening culturally and historically relevant spaces across the centre of Cairo, and giving new life to spaces that otherwise often go unnoticed, such as Downtown’s many intricate passageways and hidden corners”.

The festival’s venues include the Urban Visions’ location in Al-Borsa, the Kodak passageway, Sherazade Nightclub, Viennoise Hotel, GrEEK Campus, Qasr Al-Nil Theatre, and Radio Cinema. This year’s edition will also extend to the French Consulate on Shawarbi St.

“What began back in 2012 with the aim of rejuvenating the cultural life of Downtown Cairo and reintroducing some of its former glory, has continued to grow year by year, becoming a major platform for a diversity of contemporary art practices seldom accessible for the average city-dweller. Aside from its performances in theatres and concert halls, D-CAF is particularly known for its innovative use of public space, specifically through its Urban Visions and on occasion its Visual Arts programme. This component is key to D-CAF’s overall approach and its intention to draw in the public and reach a diverse and dynamic audience”.

To stay up to date with the festival and its events, visit the following online platforms:

Website: d-caf.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dcaf.egypt

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dcaffestival