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African-American author Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

The children of Gaza have fallen victims to the month long war that Israel is waging. Over 500 children have lost their lives. Many others had their homes destroyed and their childhood taken away from them. Many of their stories remain untold as much of the world has turned a blind eye to their pain.

(Photo: ABC News)

 Ismail, Zakaria, Ahed and Mohamed – The Bakr family was killed on a beach in Gaza while playing football after clearly being targeted by an Israeli shell. The boys were cousins and their ages were between 9 and 11. An Israeli shell fired from the sea hit a fisherman’s hut, the boys ran across the beach trying to escape the attack, but they were hit with a second shell.

(photo: Ayman Mohyeldin, NBC News)

Ahed Abdel Aal – A 10 year old from Gaza City. Ahed lost her grandparents and three uncles when Israel destroyed the house next to hers. Her mother managed to drag her out through clouds of debris in the dark to safety.

(photo: Ayman Mohyeldin, NBC News)

Mahfouz – A 6 year-old boy who survived two Israeli wars in Gaza. Now he is living through his third and he doesn’t know if he will survive. He has lived his entire life under an Israeli imposed siege on the Gaza Strip. One day shells landed at the school where he and his family thought they were safe. He witnessed the killing of more than a dozen Palestinians in what an initial UN investigation says was an Israeli attack on the school that was turned into a shelter for 3,000 people. The fear etched on this face says all you need to know about what this boys life has been in the brief six years he has lived on this earth.

(photo: Ayman Mohyeldin, NBC News)

Shayma Al Masry – She lost her mother, her sister and her brother in an Israeli airstrike. Her father and her doll are all that remain by her side.

Nidal Mohammed Badran- The young boy lost his eye when shrapnel from an Israeli missile hit his family’s house. Nidal also lost his father in the attack.

Courtesy of the Huffington Post

Shayma “Gaza’s miracle baby”– The newborn child was delivered in an emergency caesarian operation after her mother was killed when an Israeli tank shell landed near their home. She died a few days later due to the power outages and electricity shortages.

There are countless other children that have had their childhood stolen by Israel’s military operations within Gaza. Yet, shedding light on their lives shows how warfare does not allow children to live out the most precious moments of their lives.