A letter to the president


We all know, Mr. President, that you are working hard to take Egypt through a quantum leap on many levels. We know that Egyptians love you, not only inside the country but also those abroad, something we witnessed during the UN General Assembly meetings last September. Mr. President, you know that the Egyptian people are fully aware that you saved them and the whole region from a disastrous plan to partition the big countries of the region. We know that you have taken on terrorist groups for the sake of the country and have had bitter confrontations with major world powers who have been involved in this conspiracy against us.

We truly hope your carefully prepared plans for our country will be fruitful. You should know, Mr. President, that the public believes you are making honest endeavours to promote comprehensive development and modernisation in the country. However, you must also know that you are fighting a bitter enemy, inside and abroad, who knows no values or principles. That enemy seeks to spread lies and make use of each mistake. Therefore it is necessary to deal with some urgent issues related to the formation of the presidential team. We need to combat the alliance of money and power before new monopolies have the chance to arise.

Excluding the corrupt members of the dissolved National Party is a matter of great importance. They think that the toppling of the Brotherhood and the start of a new political era is a perfect opportunity for them to make their comeback, despite all their crimes of corruption that helped bring about Mubarak’s downfall.

To begin with, forming the presidential team has taken too long. Usually the president forms this team before his presidential election campaign. He chooses the assistants who will join him in the presidential palace. He thus starts his term with a complete crew of advisers on domestic and foreign policy. They help him understand and work on key issues such as terrorism, poverty, foreign policy, international economic cooperation, international organisations and other matters related to the critical situations in the region. They offer the president the necessary information concerning each issue and give him different available options to tackle the problems.

Generally speaking, the president focuses his attention on foreign policy and security issues. Meanwhile, he tasks his assisting team with the preparation of files that explain and suggest ways of handling the other issues.

What is being said, Mr. President, by the Brotherhood, its cells and sympathisers, is that the President does not have a consultant team. They say he does not trust civilians and surrounds himself with a group of military personnel who worked with him before. This kind of talk aims at affecting the president’s image negatively in the Egyptian street. That is why I think it is time to form a presidential team to aid the president. It is not feasible for the president to follow every single tiny detail, that duty can be taken care of by his assistants. The time is now, Mr. President, for Egypt’s sake and yours as well, to form a strong team of assistants, with selections based on experience, efficiency and good reputation.

Emad Gad is vice president of Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies.