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Unless you have a private jet, it takes a day to reach Siwa Oasis, by road from Cairo via the Mediterranean coast or across desert tracks.

One of the world’s last remaining pristine oases, Siwa is home to ancient historical ruins and unique cultural traditions that have been maintained for thousands of years.

At the foot of the White Mountain in Siwa Oasis, Egypt – Adrère Amellal is born – a nature lodge attracting discerning travellers looking for a unique experience.

Earth buildings blend naturally with the landscape, and furniture and crafts all pay tribute to the talented local artisans. Every room is unique, combining distinction and authenticity.

Rooms overlook Lake Siwa, the Great Sand Sea and ancient olive and palm groves.

Many people in Egypt laughed when environmental expert Dr Mounir Neamatalla called his collection of eco-lodges luxurious.

No air-conditioning, marble or electricity? However, it would be hard to find anywhere so remote and so pampering.

Nearby are a quarter of a million palms, a town and a couple of ruined temples, but the silence can be so complete you might hear a fly buzz at 100 metres.

Authentic and ecological is how its creator describes the originality of the Adrere Amellal.

The buildings are in traditional Siwan style, made of salt-rich mud, the furniture is made from dried palm fronds or solid blocks of salt and the candles that light the rooms at night are pure beeswax.

The rooms are simple but chic, The furniture and sofas are made of earth covered with white cushions, and each detail is carved and enhanced with white limestone for relaxation.

The forty rooms are all built by hand and filled with furniture and crafts that pay tribute to nature and talented local artisanship.

Since there is no electricity, every room is softly lit by beeswax candles, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Every room is unique, combining distinction and authenticity. The earthen buildings blend naturally into the landscape, and all furniture and crafts pay tribute to the talented local artisans.

Other special features include ancient olive and palm groves, slow-bubbling Roman springs, and an exquisite cuisine that includes traditional dishes cooked in honey-glazed clay pots.

There are many activities available with the only limitation being the desert’s mood.

Relaxing by the pool which is fed by a natural spring and is free of any chemicals, refreshing oneself by Lake Siwa, discovering the sand dunes of the Great Sand Sea, travelling back in time in Old Shali and its historic fortress, or horse-back riding among palm and olive groves.

With no electricity and no telephone, Adrère Amellal is in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.

Torches, beeswax candles and infinite stars illuminate the setting, while old style braziers warm the cool evenings.

Adrère Amellal Eco Lodge is a timeless escape to ancient Egypt, freeing you not just from the mundane rituals of your daily routine, but from the clutches of the modern world as we know it.

Photographs: Caters news agency