Abbas to leave Cairo for Amman with negotiation team – Al-Tahrir News Network


Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to leave Cairo for Amman on Sunday after concluding his meetings with Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and other top officials, including Egyptian intelligence chief Muhammad al-Tuhami.

Palestinian officials are visiting Cairo in the midst of a deadlock in negotiations with Israel for a long-term truce. A senior Egyptian source reported that Abbas has insisted that Egypt continue its role as mediator of the ceasefire talks.

He also said that outside sources had been responsible for taking that role away from Egypt, and claimed that this contributed to the collapse of previous talks.

The Israeli delegation left Cairo last week and have refused to respond to a Palestinian offer that would involve lifting Israel’s eight-year siege.

President Abbas plans to meet with Algerian foreign minister Ramtane Lamamra, before leaving Cairo. They will discuss ways to bring to an end the ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza, according to a top Palestinian official, reports Ma’an News Agency

The official said that the meetings held in Cairo were directed at reaching an agreement with Egypt on the quickest ways “to establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and to foil Netanyahu’s plots to isolate Gaza rather than end its blockade.”

Asked when the Palestinian negotiation team will return to Cairo, the official said that “after Israel complies with the Palestinian demands, stops its aggression on Gaza and ends the siege imposed on the coastal enclave, the Palestinian delegation, including Hamas representatives will immediately accept Egypt’s invitation and return to Cairo.”