Al-Sisi meets Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt ministers of irrigation – Al-Tahrir News Network


President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi held a meeting on Thursday with the ministers of irrigation of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt on the Renaissance Dam.

During the meeting, Al-Sisi underlined the importance of promoting ties and cooperation with Sudan and Ethiopia, said presidential spokesman Alaa Youssef. 

Egypt is determined to further promote ties with Ethiopia and Sudan in the various fields within the upcoming phase, the spokesman quoted the president as saying.

The president also affirmed that Egypt was keen on rendering the work of the tripartite committee a success. 

Al-Sisi voiced his hope that reaching an understanding on the Ethiopian Renaissance dam would be a launching pad for more cooperation among the three countries. 

Ethiopian Water and Irrigation Minister Alemayehu Tegenu, who attended the meeting, conveyed the greetings of the Ethiopian prime minister to the Egyptian president.

Ethiopian Water and Irrigation Minister Alemayehu Tegenu

He also underlined the importance of cooperation among the Nile Basin countries. The minister also warned of attempts by some parties to incite disputes. 

Sudanese Water Resources Minister Moatz Moussa also conveyed the greetings of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir to Al-Sisi. 

He echoed remarks by Bashir, who said preserving Egypt’s interests was a national Sudanese interest. 

Sudanese Water Resources Minister Moatz Moussa

Sudan is keen on holding continued consultation with Egypt and Ethiopia in order to achieve joint interests, added the minister.

The Renaissance Dam project has been a source of concern for the Egyptian government since May 2013, when images of the dam’s construction stirred public anxiety about the possible effect on Egypt’s water supply from the Nile River.

Images of the dam’s construction has stirred public anxiety

However, Ethiopia maintains that Egypt’s water share will not be negatively affected by the successful completion of the project, which is being built on a tributary of the Blue Nile which is one of the sources of the Nile.