Al-Sisi meets with national editors-in-chief


President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi met on Sunday with the editors-in-chief of national newspapers to discuss the latest developments in Egypt and the region.

During the meeting, the president warned of an international plot, lead by Qatar and Turkey, to control the minds of Egyptian intellectuals through financing internet websites, stressing that these websites are directly financed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

He added that the fourth generation wars depend on media and press techniques to infiltrate the countries from inside and create a state of chaos.

Commenting on any possible threat of the Islamic State terrorist organisation in Egypt, Al-Sisi said “as long as the Egyptian people are united and backing their army, there is no fear of any threat, we will crush anyone who tries to destabilise our country.”

Regarding the Nile water crisis with Ethiopia, the president appreciated Ethiopia’s development plans, while emphasising that these plans should not threaten Egypt’s national interests.

”I am ready to go to Ethiopia, once, twice and thrice to protect Egypt’s share in the Nile water,” the president declared.

Al-Sisi stressed that Egypt will not import or export gas from or to Israel, pointing out that these cases are attributed to international courts.

Furthermore, the president maintained that ‘’subsidies are more dangerous to the Egyptian economy than corruption.’’

Egypt consumes more than LE300 billion a year on energy, but this problem cannot be resolved until the country has other alternatives.

Highlighting the significance of national projects in the upcoming period, Al-Sisi stated ”The population will increase by 40 million within the next 15 years, therefore we must take into consideration the implementation of more national projects.”

The president denied any Egyptian military intervention in Libya. “We haven’t take part in any military act outside our borders so far, our forces are inside our territories,” Al-Sisi confirmed.

At the end of the meeting, the president urged the media to encourage youth to make a positive contribution in the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for the end of the year.

The president’s meeting with press officials is the third within sixty days.