Al-Sisi reviews plan of new boundaries for governorates


President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi met on Monday at the presidential palace with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab, in the presence of the Minister of Local Development Adel Labib and the governors of Giza, Assiut, Bani Sweif, Luxor, Aswan, Menya, Souhag, Qena, Fayyoum, the Red Sea and the New Valley.

The meeting was also attended by the Director of the Military Survey Authority, the Chairman of the State Land Utilisation Agency, the Chairman of the National Authority for Urban Planning and the Chairman of the General Survey authority.

The meeting reviewed the first stage of demarcating future borders of the governorates in Upper Egypt, in the light of the directives offered by the president.

The regions have suffered marginalisation in the past, not to mention the practical considerations which were dictated by the new demarcation plan that will add to these governorates desert hinterlands and extensions on the Red Sea.

Map of Egypt showing cities and governorates

Presidential spokesman Ihab Badawi said the president, during the over five-hour meeting, asserted the need to act with a constructive attitude and provide unconventional solutions.

On the emergence of slums, the president attributed it to the absence of the state’s role in providing for the different urban needs of governorates.

He stressed the importance of making an accurate assessment of the growth of the population to determine new urban units which should be built along with which utilities would be needed for them, including water, electricity, sanitary drainages, roads, communications and transport.

Slums in Cairo (Photo: Reuters)

Local development minister Adel Labib said the strategy of demarcating the new borders of governorates had been discussed at an expanded meeting of governors to give their statements. The strategy was approved after introducing the necessary observations, he added.

He said three new governorates, Central Sinai, El-Alamein, and Oases have been added.

He said Lower Egypt governorates have maintained their borders, adding that the borders of Cairo, Giza and Suez will be demarcated.

Badawi said the borders of the new governorates observed the social needs of Nubian residents in line with the new constitution.

A man from Nubia

He said Nubia, Halayyeb and Shalatin will remain affiliated to Aswan governorate.

The president also listened to an detailed explanation about the maps of each governorate from the director of the Military Survey Authority and the investment and development chances that will be provided by the new demarcation.

Al-Sisi stressed the importance of introducing legislation for expanding societal participation in the development process.