Al-Sisi: Terrorism threat requires unified front from Western, Muslim nations


In an interview with the French Le Figaro newspaper, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi said “the Jihadi threat requires a unified front from Western and Muslim nations”.

The president asserted that the Islamic State militant group’s extremism is unrelated to Islam.

Similar terror groups are present in Nigeria, Mali, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen and Pakistan.  “Even in Europe, there are extremists,” Al-Sisi said, adding that violent Jihadi practices have become common worldwide.

On Libya, Al-Sisi asserted that Cairo would never get involved in a unilateral action in the North African country, reiterating Egypt’s commitment to international law and its integrity towards Libya.

He said if the United Nations expresses a desire to intervene in Libya, Egypt will spare no effort to help.

Internally, President Al-Sisi said that all detainees in Egypt have been jailed according to legal procedures, adding that freedom of expression is a guaranteed right for all Egyptians. Al-Sisi also said that Egypt has a law to organise protests similar to France.

Regarding Sinai, the president announced that the security situation in Sinai has improved, due to the efforts and sacrifices made by the army.