Alexandria Royal Jewellery Museum reopens after three years


Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Al-Damati and Alexandria Governor Tarek Al-Mahdy reopened on Sunday the Royal Jewellery Museum after it has been closed for three years, due to security concerns during the 2011 uprising.

Citizens of Alexandria can visit it for free until mid-November.

An enamel-coated golden muff box with Mohamed Ali Pasha’s name inscribed

The minister said the museum was closed by army forces during the 2011 uprising to secure its contents.

Speaking about the contents, Al-Damati said the museum hosts 1,045 pieces, 683 of which are exhibited.

Farida, the wife of late King Farouk

Masterpieces include the platinum, diamond-studded crown of Princess Shweikar, the wife of Egypt’s last king Ahmed Fouad and another crown belonging to Princess Farida, the wife of late King Farouk.

The platinum, diamond-studded crown of Shweikar, the wife of Egypt’s last king Ahmed Fouad

Ahmed Sharaf, head of the museums’ sector at the Ministry of Antiquities, said the museum’s building originally belonged to Princess Fatma Haidar, who completed its establishment in 1923.

Princess Fatma Haidar who lived in the palace which was completed in 1923

Haidar used the facility as a summer residence until the 1952 revolution, when it later turned into a presidential rest house.

It became a museum in 1983

It became a museum in 1986 based on a presidential decree.