Antiquities minister signs agreement with Beheira governor to develop heritage sites in Rosetta


The Ministry of Antiquities and the Beheira governor signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Sunday, concerning a number of developmental projects that will help renovate and protect heritage sites in Rosetta city.

The Ministry of Antiquities and the Beheira governor sign a Memorandum of Understanding

The renovation works will primarily consider the unique historical nature of Rosetta which, rich with historical monuments, is considered one of the most important Islamic cities in the world.

The MoU was signed by Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Al-Damati and Mustafa Hadhoud, governor of Beheira, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Antiquities in Zamalek.

After signing the MoU, Al-Damati explained to Mustafa Amin, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and the senior officials gathered at the ministry that the signed protocol will allow for a comprehensive administrative strategy for the preservation and maintenance of Rosetta city.

The proposed project aims to develop and renovate the city’s historical and religious buildings, in addition to executing marketing plans that will help put the city on the world’s tourist map. From there, Al-Damati stated, the doors will open for real economic development in Rosetta.

The MoU, according to Al-Damati, will help the Ministry of Antiquities put Rosetta on UNESCO’s Islamic World Heritage List, as one of the most important Islamic cities with its invaluable architectural designs.

The protocol, he said, guarantees that the developmental steps taken are in accordance with the international standards required for cities and sites to be on top of world heritage site lists.

The work plan includes 18 heritage sites in Rosetta:

The Abbasid Mosque in Rosetta

The Abbasid Mosque in Rosetta

The Abbasid Mosque in Rosetta

The Halabi Dome in Edfina

The Halabi Mosque in Edfina

The dome of the Halabi mosque in Edfina

Ali Noureddin Dome and the Royal Palace in Edfina

Royal Palace in Edfina

and the Sheikha Taka Mosque are some of the sites included in the plan.

Governor of Beheira Hadhoud said the proposed projects will increase the cultural awareness of the residents of the area. This will be done in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and youth and sports circles, that will arrange weekly trips to the renovated sites.

This will also increase revenues from tourism and alleviate the economic standards of the residents of the area through creating more job opportunities.

Hadhoud revealed that another MoU will be signed in the near future between the Ministry of Antiquities and Beheira to renovate hills in the governorate, believed to be the pillars of a giant historical city that predates Alexandria by about 300 years.

In Beheira, there are 168 hills of historical significance.