Armed Forces announce completion of Family Park


The Egyptian Armed Forces have announced the completion of Family Park, a 95 acre public park located off the Cairo-Suez highway.

Family Park is the largest recreational, cultural and educational park in Egypt and the Middle East. Armed Forces officials say they hope to see the park contribute to community development, mainly through providing new and dynamic learning opportunities for children.

The park was developed by the Armed forces, using the Wonderland Park in Paris as a model.

The park was first built seven years ago through the Heliopolis Association with the aid of multiple ministries, including the ministries of electricity, irrigation, and housing. However, with the security void that followed the 2011 Revolution, the park was subject to many acts of vandalism and robbery.

In January 2013, interim president Adly Mansour put the park under the Ministry of Defence’s jurisdiction to protect it from further damaging acts. Mansour also assigned the ministry with developing and repairing the project.

The Defence Ministry has since consulted with numerous military and civilian experts on repairs and development, including a French architect involved with the Paris Wonderland Park.

The park contains large green spaces, learning centres for children, as well as entertainment for adults. The park also hopes to cater to those with disabilities through providing golf carts and wheel chair ramps.

Family Park can host a total of 10,000 visitors daily, adding up to three million visitors per year.