Army on red alert to prevent ISIL in Egypt


The Egyptian army took all the precautionary measures to secure Egypt’s strategic borders; a move aimed at preventing terrorists loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to infiltrate Egypt’s borders and commit violent acts against army and police personnel.

An army source told TNN that Defense Minister, General Sedki Sobhi, gave clear instructions to military leaders to announce a state of red alert after he received intelligence tips about ISIL members attempting to sneak inside the country with the intention of carrying out terrorist acts.

“The army will not allow terrorists to penetrate Egyptian borders. Egypt’s borders are a red line and whoever tries to even come close will be dead and buried,” the source said. “The main task of the army is to provide the maximum security to our borders,” he added.

Egyptian Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi (photo: Roaya News)

The source said that the army is capable of protecting all the strategic points and directions of the borders. Air force, navy, commandoes and paratroopers are participating in securing the borders through military patrols and flyovers to monitor sensitive areas. Instructions have been given to border guards and troops to intensify security patrols along the southern, northern, eastern and western borders to stop terrorist elements from sneaking in, especially those potentially coming from Gaza and Libya.

The source confirmed that the commander of the Western Military Region, General Mohamed Masri, ordered all military formations to increase patrols on the western borders, and deal in a very tough way with infiltrators from Libya. He stressed that the joint efforts between the Egyptian and the Libyan armies to prevent smuggling of heavy weapons through their common borders are underway. The Egyptian Navy enhanced their efforts in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea through maintaining 24-hour patrols in order to combat smuggling, illegal immigration and spot terrorists who hide in fishing boats.

“The Second Field Army continues its operations and raids to prevent infiltration. In addition, it is still exploding tunnels used by terrorists to enter Egypt. Some Members of ISIL are trying to provide militant groups in Sinai with weapons to commit terrorist acts against police and army troops,” the source emphasised.

In a separate incident, a security source said that the National Security Body managed to arrest an ISIL member in Sharqiya governorate on charges of forming a terrorist cell, inciting violence and attempting to impede the State’s institutions. The general prosecution remanded him in custody for 15 days pending investigations.