Baseera: Egypt population to double by 2050


Maged Osman, Chairman of Baseera Research Centre, stated that Egypt’s population has tripled since the 1950s, reaching 86 million in 2014, excluding Egyptians living abroad.

Osman said that Egypt’s population has increased by nearly 10 million citizens since 2011, particularly after the outbreak of the 25 January revolution, due to the decline of family planning services.

Osman added, during the National Conference for Population Strategy on Thursday, that the current birth rates will lead to the redoubling of the current population by 2050, which will reflect a decline in per capita education, health, transportation, agricultural land water, in addition to the shortage of strategic goods.

The number of births in Egypt in 2012 was 560,000 higher than in 2010, marking the largest two-year increase according to the most recent statistics.

This rise keeps Egypt on course to overtake countries such as Russia and Japan by 2050, when forecasters predict it will have more than 137.7 milion people.

Currently, a quarter of Egypt’s 86 million people live under the poverty line.

Population control experts say birth control policies were relatively successful during the 80s and 90s, however it started to decline during the last years of President Hosni Mubarak’s reign.

It was largely neglected after ousted president Mohamed Morsi was elected in 2012, as his administration publicly declared that population control was not a government concern.