Bedouin group calling itself ‘Sons of Sinai’ declares war on Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis


A video has surfaced online purporting to show a group of heavily armed Sinai Bedouins declaring that they will take up arms against the Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis militant group that has been launching regular terrorist attacks in Sinai.

The video, which was recently posted on social media, starts out by showing a white flag over an Arabian dagger under the words “Sons of Sinai”.

A textual statement then follows, saying that the “Sons of Sinai Movement” has been formed in response to the “heinous murderous acts” committed by Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis. It later on cuts to a shot of nine masked individuals armed with RPGs and assault rifles standing in a desert area while one of them reads a statement.

Screenshot of video depicting group’s flag

“We are the sons of Sinai,” the man reads from a piece of paper in a heavy Sinai accent. “Today we weep for Sinai, on whose honour you have treaded, and on the honour of every Bedouin…by those who take cover in religion…and slaughter our children and brothers in the name of religion.”

“We the Bedouins of Sinai have decided to unite to put an end to the murder and injustice, and to preserve our country and our children from the infidels who take cover in religion,” he continues. “We will strike them in their homes, we will clean Sinai, and of them we know those infidels who take cover in religion.”

“Oh Bedouins unite…and help us and yourselves to return your dignity, and let us stop the murder and slaughter in the name of religion.”