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This page is a tribute to Egypt in the 1900′s when we had the most beautiful cities in the world. This page contains a number of pictures about 1900′s Egypt, these pictures are nothing but a glimpse in the history of the ever astonishing Egypt.

Abdeen Palace in 1930, one of the most important and famous royal palaces. Built in 1874 during the reign of Mohamed Ali’s Family as the seat of rule.

Bazeleek church in 1930, The Bazleek church was built in 1910 by Alexander Marcel and Ernest Jaspar upon request from Baron Empain. The Bazeleek is located in the Heliopolis district in Cairo and is modelled after the Hagia Sophia cathedral in Istanbul.

Barclay’s Bank in 1940.

El-Raml station in 1940. El-Raml station is one of the most vibrant district in the beautiful Alexandria. Built in 1887 by Italian engineer Antonio Lasciac.

Heliopolis Palace in 1915 during World War I. Heliopolis Palace was designed by Ernest Jaspar as a hotel “Grand hotel” when it was first built in 1910. In 1972, after extensive renovation and restoration efforts, the building became the headquarters palace of the Federation of Arab Republics. Today, the palace is one of the Egyptian presidential palaces and residences (photo: Ahl Masr Zaman)

The Cairo tower before it was built in 1959. The Cairo tower was designed by the Egyptian architect Naoum Shebib. Today, it is the tallest structure in Egypt (photo:Ahl Masr Zaman)

Emad al din street in 1940.

Heliopolis in the 1930′s (photo: masr zaman)