Bluegrass cover of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’


Can you think of fusing rap, pop and hip hop in a country-style song? This is what the bluegrass version of ‘Anaconda’ astonishingly did.

Nicki Minaj’s groove doesn’t mix well with country music, as it is not the first music style that comes to mind when thinking of the American hip hop artist.

Even if it can sound quite inconceivable in comparison, the new bluegrass country version that has just been released, following Nicki’s latest hit single ‘Anaconda’, is simply amazing and turns into a kind of extraordinary bluegrass ditty.

The video features an unconventional “Nicki”, along with the setting of the performance with Von Smith, who pets a dog while singing backup in a chair.

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ just got a vintage bluegrass makeover (photo: Toovia)

Lead singer Robyn Adele Anderson stands in for the star, singing barefoot, backed by guest banjoist Matt Bruer.

The cover is performed with complex chord changes, improvisation and accompaniments which characterise breakdowns and rapid tempos.

Nicki’s massive hit has definitely topped the charts, but the bluegrass rendition, which probably won’t gain as many followers as the original rap song does, comes up as a deserved option.

Just listen to both versions and decide for yourself!