Bristol Palestine Film Festival chooses ‘Impact of Conflict’ as this year’s theme


As part of the annual Bristol Palestine Film Festival (BristolPFF), the upcoming season of Palestinian films in the UK is set to be held from 3 – 22 March.

This season’s theme is ‘Impact of Conflict’, aiming to explore how the decades-long Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been exhibited in Palestinian cinema.

This year’s programme is chosen by renowned director Annemarie Jacir (‘When I Saw You, Salt of this Sea’) and is delivered as part of the British Film Institute-funded project called Conversations About Cinema.

“As a Palestinian, almost everything about our life is so politicised,” Jacir is quoted as saying on the festival’s official website. “When you are constantly being blocked or working under intense restrictions such as occupation, you need to find creative responses. This creativity is perhaps one of the hallmarks of Palestinian cinema right now.”

Conversations About Cinema is a national programme funded by the BFI, and which aspires to “initiate conversations about the issues raised through film and how they resonate with what is happening in the wider world”, the website said.

BristolPFF began in 2011 and its organisers “have the ambition is to bring Palestine-related cinema, arts and culture to audiences across the UK”.

The films in the UK will be shown in the Watershed, Bristol, and The Courtyard in Hereford.

The festival presents screenings of films, including documentaries, features, rare works and art pieces. This is in addition to a cultural programme that includes workshops, concerts and artistic works by Palestinians, and tackling subjects related to Palestine.

This year’s screenings include ‘Open Bethlehem’, ‘Omar’, ‘When I Saw You’, ‘Villa Touma’, ‘Return to Haifa’, ‘Chronicle of a Disappearance’ as well as a lecture titled ‘Poetry, Prose and Palestine’ with Jacir and Palestinian writer Selma Dabbagh.

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