British actors ‘invade’ Hollywood


British actors are “invading” American films, according to a new fictional short film series released by Vanity Fair. But reality seems to prove the same if we have a look at the 87th Academy Awards nominations.

Many of the actors who have recently walked the red carpets for award ceremonies and have been nominated for the 2015 Oscars are British, with the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Felicity Jones, Rosamund Pike and Eddie Redmayne among the nominees.

The “British Invasion of Hollywood” is documented by Vanity Fair through an all-UK edition of the magazine for its annual Hollywood portfolio.

This year’s portfolio photo series will be accompanied, for the first time ever, by a short film directed by English photographer Jason Bell. It chronicles UK talents preparing for a “battle” to invade the American film industry in the style of an old war newsreel stylistically reminiscent of classic film scenes with some of the mentioned actors playing a role.

The short film is made up of three parts, which feature the British ‘Preparing for War’, then ‘Coming to America’ to invade Hollywood, and then leading the Oscars nominations as ‘Victory Is Assured’.

As Vanity Fair reads, Bell, whose photos frequently appear in the magazine, wanted a movie to go with his photo series, featuring over 40 British stars in this year’s portfolio.

“Actors like to act” so all the featured celebrities agreed with his new and original project.

“We’re not really taking over Hollywood, we’re just doing well there,” the magazine reported the photographer as saying, though the portfolio “encourages a pride that they have in being British.”

“We get the joke, and let’s laugh at ourselves along the way,” Bell added.

Below is Jason Bell’s first part of the invasion short film series depicting the British glory: