Carnival 2015: Celebrations across the globe


The fanciest dress party celebrated across Catholic countries sees people around the world run wild with their imagination by wearing the craziest and most artistic costumes for the annual Carnival season.

Put bluntly, no dress codes exist during the Carnival season. Cities are filled with parades and crowds of masked party-goers dancing along the streets throughout the exciting celebrations led by Rio de Janeiro, considered the Carnival capital of the world for its decorations and floats from various samba schools.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (photo: brazilbookers)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (photo: carnivalbookers)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (photo: aboutbrasil)

Rio de Janiero, Brazil (photo: kality)

The Carnival season happens right before the Christian liturgical season of Lent, the religious observance which approximately covers the six weeks before Easter. Traditionally during Lent, Roman Catholics refrain from drinking alcohol and eating meat, sugar, dairy and fats in order to drive their bad habits away.

Before fasting begins during Lent, all rich food and drinks must be disposed of and consumed by the whole community during large celebrations. This tradition is thought to be the origin of the Carnival season, which is held between 13 until to 17 February this year.

Every year, during the Carnival, old traditions are re-invented in packed street parties with people dressing up. Stunning costumes and masks are worn for show throughout the Carnival cavalcades. Colours and lights across the world are shut off and life takes on a new winter glow.

If by chance you’re stuck at home, here are some pictures of Carnival 2015 from across the globe to help you celebrate the season!

New Orleans (photo: moodybluesattitude)

New Orleans (photo: vishava)

Nice, France (photo: francevillas)

Trinidad (photo: caribbean360)

Trinidad (photo: fest300)

Germany (photo: blog.hotelsclick)

Venice, Italy (photo: expo2015news)

Venice, Itlay (photo: successimg)

Venice, Italy (photo: darkromm)

Viareggio, Italy (photo: fest300)

Bolivia (photo: pinterest)

Bolivia (photo: unboxingtraveller)