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After three days of voting, preliminary results in Egypt’s presidential elections are starting to come out. Although the Presidential Elections Committee stated that the election results will not be announced before Monday, 2 June, it’s crystal clear that, after only a few hours of vote counting, Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi is Egypt’s seventh president.

Unofficial results released at the time of writing indicate that Al-Sisi has received 97% of the votes. His sole rival, socialist figure Hamdeen Sabahi, has been favoured by 3% of the 23.5 million Egyptians who cast their ballots.

Before the official results of the elections are out, Egyptians celebrate in Cairo’s streets

Vote counting started immediately after polling stations closed at 9pm on Wednesday, and it wasn’t long before preliminary results were out indicating that Al-Sisi is Egypt’s new president.

This is when Egyptians went out on the streets to celebrate.

Thousands, at the least estimates, poured onto the streets across Egypt’s governorates waving Egypt’s flag, cracking fireworks, ululating, dancing, singing — the traditional scene of Egyptian festivities. And, on an occasion like this, celebrations won’t wane before the wee hours of the morning.

Celebrating Al-Sisi’s win is expected to last for the next few days, but this carnival goes far more than being just a carnival.

There’s a loud political message here. “Egyptians’ celebration of Al-Sisi’s win is a message to the world that he is the democratic choice of the people. They wanted him as president, they voted, and he won. That simple,” Emad Gad, vice president of Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic studies, told TNN.

“Today’s celebrations proved once and for all that 30 June was a popular revolution, not a military coup,” Gad stated. “Let them celebrate, let them show the world the truth.”

While the official figures of the vote count may differ a little from the preliminary results, one thing is for sure: Al-Sisi is the winner. And Egyptians are happy about it.