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Leafing through magazines, surfing the net, sharing news and information to partake in celebrities’ lives, whether public or private, love or scandal, success or failure, it’s what we do.

Some of them are our idols. Others are movie, music and fashion stars that very often draw our curiosity and attention just because they are what they are: famous.

They appear perfect in their look and style, spending their lives in the spotlight because this is their job, this is the way they live, and this is the way we want them.

Beautiful and stunning with their wealthy life that seems perfect and uncommon compared to our mostly normal ones, they stun us. Some of them are artists and offer something that we love. In part and parcel, they are celebrities.

But is their ‘real life’ what we love to watch and read about? Of course, we typically aren’t used to seeing them in their day-to-day lives or the way they spend their private time, or even what they look like after they wake up.

Many times, their designer clothing and make-up changes the way they appear and makes them extraordinarily beautiful so…

Here is some of the reality they live when they’re not basking in the spotlight!

Gwyneth Paltrow (photo: Chic Looking)

Gwyneth Paltrow is a formidable actress with a super power to know the limits. She stars in one movie a year so she can dedicate time to her family. She drops her two children off at school, she cooks for them and runs her family’s commitments between a solid 14 hours at the gym and a bustling career as an actress.

Gwyneth Paltrow with her children (photo: NYDN)

Of course, supermodel Miranda Kerr doesn’t wear high-fashion outfits everyday. Among her working hours, she always finds time for meditation, which is fundamental her calm and sanity. It keeps her on top in the chaotic world of fashion.

Miranda Kerr (photo: Daily Life)

Miranda Kerr (photo: Jaleb Tarinha)

Though it seems like the same goes for Lady Gaga, who seems to face media attention with her head held high, she is, on the contrary, insecure and needs a boost of confidence in tough times. For her, yoga, which she practices every morning, is the best way keep her body and mind in motion.

Lady Gaga (photo: Genius Beauty)

Since make-up seems to be doing the trick, here are a few photos to compare the difference between stardom and everyday life!

Britney Spears (photo: Celebrities SB)

Angelina Jolie (photo: Celebrities without Makeup)

Jennife Lopez (photo: Celebrities without Makeup)

Pamela Anderson (photo: Celebrity Toob)