Chaos continues as MB supporters march in Cairo – Al-Tahrir News Network


As Friday marks the second day of the Rabaa dispersal anniversary, the Muslim Brotherhood started a number of marches in some parts of Cairo.

According to police reports, MB protestors set fire to a public bus, raising the total to eight since yesterday. Firefighters rushed to the scene immediately, and have successfully contained the fire.

Meanwhile, limited numbers of pro-Morsi supporters tried to gather and organise protestors around Shobra and Sharabiya in Cairo, chanting slogans instigating violence against police and military forces, holding Rabaa banners while Morsi’s posters screamed “vengeance for our martyrs.”

Additionally, several supporters of the outlawed group have fired their shotguns at the Central Security forces in Helwan, in addition to blocking road and setting fire to tyres and trees in the area. However, security forces pushed the assailants back into surrounding bystreets.

Lieutenant General Ali Al-Demerdash, Head of the Cairo Security Directorate, stressed the fact that the Brotherhood have failed to consolidate their masses for the second day, adding that only a limited number of protests roam the streets of New Cairo, Al-Matariya and Ain Shams.

Al-Demerdash emphasised that such riots present no threat to the security forces, explaining that security forces used tear-gas to disperse the violent crowds.