Chris Bracey, the ‘King of Neon’, dies aged 59


The British neon artist and designer Chris Bracey, owner of God’s Own Junkyard, has died at the age of 59.

In his warehouse God’s Own Junkyard, one of London’s art attractions, Chris Bracey put together one of the biggest collections of neon signs and sculptures outside the US.

Chris Bracey’s God’s Own Junkyard (photo: now-here-this.timeout)

He started his career back in the 1970s as a graphic designer before joining his family’s neon business and being trained to make neon signs with his father.

His brand of creative signs and installations became well known when he became a key designer of the Soho district of London’s iconic appearance. The artist helped illuminate in effervescent colours the streets known for their sometimes seedy sex industry.

Bracey’s career as a signmaker progressed with gallery shows and commissions he was given for the big screen. He was accredited to create signs for features such as ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, and four ‘Batman’ films.

He has been the man of neon for more than thirty years and with high demand of his designs, Bracey became the go-to-man in the film, photography and fashion industries.

Bracey’s art has been complimented by big names including Stanley Kubrick, David LaChapelle and Stella McCartney for producing bright and alluring works for the most famous labels and department stores, illuminating screens, shops and skies.

He has also received recognition in the art scene with his first solo exhibition in London last year.

The talented neon designer has died after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

(photo: mathhewcoles)

Chris Brace’s exhibition in London (photo: true-london)