Cleveland doctor will leave US after serving prison sentence for sexual assault


Ramez Gharabawy, a former Cleveland Clinic doctor and anesthesiologist, will spend a total of 45 days behind bars, then leave the country, after being convicted of sexually assaulting a patient under a nerve block.

Gharabawy, who admitted to the charges, was sentenced on Monday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court to 45 days in jail, after which he must register as a sex offender.

His victim, who did not want a trial, did not appear in court at his sentencing as ”she never wants to see him again”, her lawyer said.

“She is pleased he is leaving the country,” assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor Jesse Canonico said after the hearing.

“You do not deserve to breathe the same air as me or walk on the same land – I hate you,” Canonico read the victim’s statement addressing Gharabawy.

Gharabawy, age 36, of Westlake, had pleaded guilty to sexual battery, gross sexual imposition and patient abuse in addition to being charged with rape.

The convict received his medical degree in Cairo and held medical licenses in New York, New Jersey and Ohio.

Gharabawy was performing a nerve block on the 37-year-old Oberlin woman who was undergoing leg surgery at Lakewood Hospital on 25 March, 2013.

He sexually assaulted the patient while he was performing the procedure.

A few months later, when she was in a rehabilitation facility in Elyria, Ohio, he called to see if she wanted another nerve block.

The woman told her nurse and explained what occurred when she had the procedure at Lakewood Hospital.

Later on, the nurse contacted Lakewood Police, whom arrested Gharabawy on July 2.

In addition to 45 days in jail, the court ordered Gharabawy to be placed on two years of community control in the sex offender unit and fined him $2,500.

If he does not comply with the requirements of community control, he could be sentenced to five years in prison.

The judge addressed the convict with the victim’s demand saying: “Frankly, based on the victim’s wishes, she wanted you to leave the country and never come back.”