Creators of ‘Big Brother’ to launch Chinese version online


Entertainment producers Endemol and Chinese online video site Youku Tudou have announced they are collaborating to produce the first ever Chinese version of ‘Big Brother’.

Announced on October 28, the deal with China’s most popular video site will bring the global hit reality TV show to the country for a ten episode series, due in 2015.

Big Brother has had over 25 series produced, including international versions across Europe and the US, and China will be the next country to experience the reality TV show, broadcast via a site that counts 500 million active users.

With production expected to begin in early 2015, the Chinese version will run for ten weeks, during which time the cameras will monitor contestants sharing a single house 24 hours a day.

Arjen van Mierlo, Endemol’s CEO of Asia Operations, said: “We’re thrilled to announce this landmark deal with Youku Tudou Inc, bringing a format that has changed the face of television to China for the first time”, BBC News reported.

“In a market that annually generates hundreds of billions of video views, partnering with the number one digital video platform will allow us to bring Big Brother to a young audience and deliver the most immersive, interactive and unique experience to fans across the nation”.

With content being broadcast online it seems the show will not face the same restrictions that satellite television channels in China have previously met. Three years ago the Chinese government ordered networks to cut a number of entertainment shows because of their alleged “vulgar tendencies”.

Though strong control over online video exists, streaming sites do not face the same constraints as TV channels so, according to Variety magazine, Youku Tudou has been able to obtain a license from the government to give the green-light to the show.