Daredevil to walk tightrope between Chicago skyscrapers


American daredevil Nik Wallenda said he will be traversing a high wire strung across two Chicago skyscrapers.

The stunt, which is set to take place on 2 November and will air on the Discovery Channel, involves Wallenda walking across a wire as narrow as a human finger at night time while wearing a blindfold.

“Of course there are weather conditions,” Wallenda said. “And of course the blindfold, it is something that is very mentally draining, to put it mildly.”

Wallenda, who will not be making a test run of the stunt, will be walking across the wire which will be strung between Chicago’s Marina City’s west tower along two city blocks to the Leo Burnett Building, all the while moving uphill at a 15-degree angle.

“My great-grandfather walked in places like Puerto Rico where he lost his life, he got on that cable and walked,” Wallenda said. “There is no testing that out.”

Wallenda’s grandfather died after he fell while doing a high wire stunt in Puerto Rico in 1978, although Wallenda said his granddad didn’t have the advantages currently available.

“Here I am training in my hometown on a cable that is exactly the same degree, the same distance, duplicating all of the elements except, of course, Mother Nature,” he said. “We can do as much accounting as we want but, in the end, we are not in control of that.”