Ed Sheeran and Macklemore teamed up for ‘Same Love’ duet


American rapper Macklemore joined the British singer Ed Sheeran on stage on Saturday night, to perform the surprise hit ‘Same Love’ at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

During his solo concert, 23-year-old Ed Sheeran started to strum his guitar and sing the opening lines of ‘Same Love’ when the rapper showed up, jumping on stage, as a special guest, shocking the audience and performing the duet together.

It was a surprise performance, as Macklemore was unexpected to perform at the Festival.

Sheeran asked him to join him on stage because “I like Macklemore-I think he likes me,” the British singer told Billboard before the duet.

Macklemore performs “Same Love” at the 2014 Grammys. (photo: Reuters)

The UK star, who also performed other hits including ‘Don’t’, ‘Think’, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and ‘The A Team,’ probably wanted to deliver the gay-rights message that was behind the track’s lines to the listeners, taking on Mary Lambert’s original recorded lyrics.

Ed stated: “I think it’s making homosexuality more acceptable within hip-hop to have one of the biggest rappers out there speaking about it quite openly,” Billboard reports.  “I love the way he did it at the Grammys. It’s good to have songs out there — songs that make people think. Songs that aren’t just about having a good beat and you can dance to”.