Egypt condemns terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia


Egypt strongly condemned the terrorist attacks which took place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and targeted security patrols in Wadia’a border point and reception building of Intelligence in the Al-Sharurah province.

The official spokesman of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Badr Abdel-Ati expressed the full support of the Egyptian government and people with Saudi Arabia in combating these terrorist acts aiming to undermine the Kingdom’s stability and security.

On Saturday, a Saudi security checkpoint near the border with Yemen was attacked by six militants. The attack left five security personnel dead. Five of the militants were also killed. A sixth militant was arrested.

Two suspected Al-Qaeda militants blew themselves up after police surrounded them inside a government building (photo: Reuters)

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry Spokesman, Mansour Al-Tukri, said that two militants, suspected to be part of Al-Qaeda, blew themselves up after they were surrounded by police forces who trapped them inside a government building.

The two men, who are on the wanted list by Saudi authorities, had forced their way into a local intelligence service building where they were surrounded by police forces. They declined an opportunity to surrender.

It was reported that the men had fired automatic weapons and threw grenades at the Saudi police, before resorting to a suicide attack.

Egypt also strongly condemned the latest terrorist attacks that occurred in Kenya and Nigeria, demanding concentrated regional and international efforts to confront and eliminate terrorism.