Egypt gov’t, Christian leaders negotiate regulations on church construction – Al-Tahrir News Network


A committee of inquiry called to outline a draft law to regulate and ensure clear legal procedures concerning the building of churches and Christian places of worship on Egyptian territory has begun.

“In recent days”,  Anba Botros Fahim Awad Hanna, Coptic Catholic Bishop of Minya, told Fides news agency, “delegated representatives of the various churches gathered with the officials of the Ministry of Justice and have begun to outline concrete proposals to solve all the problems related to the construction of churches, that also marked the years when Mubarak was in power.”

In this preliminary investigation, the commission has the task of drawing up specific proposals that will be evaluated by the heads of the various Christian churches and communities to then be subjected in August to the Minister of Justice.

The objective is to outline the same requirements for the construction of private buildings as for the construction of churches.

In all likelihood, the new churches will be built at a minimum distance of 500 metres from mosques and other existing places of worship, to avoid complications in the co-management of urban areas, especially in neighbourhoods with a high population density.

The cubic capacity of the new buildings of worship will be from 300 to 2,000 square metres, and be calibrated according to objective criteria defined by the context, for example, by avoiding submitting projects for very large areas in which a few Christian families reside.