Egypt-Russia relations: Reap the benefits, don’t get involved


We can benefit out of the fierce economic war between Russia and the West, especially when we compensate Russia for their needs after the western food ban on Moscow. On the other hand, the Russians can compensate us for our needs that we lost due to US policies. So, let us be ready and qualified to meet the Russians’ needs. However, this does not mean that we should be part of any political or economic conflict between the two sides. We do not care about the US opinion towards this cooperation because what worries the US is much more important than this.

A few days ago, Russia dealt a blow to petrodollars and the western financial system. It signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran to buy oil worth twenty billion dollars in addition to promoting cooperation with its petroleum industry. The deal will provide Moscow with 500 thousand oil barrels or one-third of Iran’s daily oil exports in return for Russian goods and equipment. The blow here is from Iran as well because its deal with Russia contradicts an agreement signed with the United States, and that is a big worry for the US. Russia also imposed a ban on imports of American and European food commodities, which will cost Europe trillions of euros of losses, and may potentially cause the bankruptcy of many companies, which will pay the price of their alliance with the US and their involvement in conflicts that run counter to their interest.

But even if this escalating conflict benefits us or others, it still has serious consequences, and could jeopardize the world economy to the point of collapse. It could potentially even push the global community into a third world war. We are not far from the proxy wars raging in our region and in Ukraine, and we may not be far from hidden conflicts in other parts of the world, so who can benefit from all this?

Will Russia take a step back to avoid a war that the NATO secretary General has, in all intents and purposes, demanded? The NATO official meant that Moscow should withdraw thousands of its troops from the Ukrainian borders and stop sending more military forces there.

The United States is also required to take many steps back and should bear in mind the simple principle: to every action there is always an opposed and equal reaction. US must realize that its provocative policies and economic sanctions will only make its opponents tougher and more stubborn. US military and economic domination over the world is no longer acceptable. Maybe our interests were threatened and damaged by US policies, but we have the right to get the maximum benefit from a Russian cooperation.