Egypt urges Australia to lift the travel ban, invest in the country – Al-Tahrir News Network


Egypt called on the Australian government to lift its travel warning and to invest in the country, as it is continuing to rebuild after the revolution. 

Egyptian commerce minister at the Australian embassy, Aiman Mostafa Al-Abd said that Australia should reconsider its travel advice, after 26 countries have taken this step. Currently, Australia is advising its citizens to ”reconsider their need to travel,” before visiting Egypt.

“To do business you have to meet people, travel, and if there’s a travel warning, people will think before they go,” Al-Abd said, suggesting that Australia should consider investment in Egypt and Africa.

Al-Abd noted the many industries that Australia could invest in, such as agriculture, mining and energy.

“In mining, Egypt is 95 per cent desert and full of treasures. Australia is a pioneer in mining, so this is one thing,” he said 

“In agriculture, we import a lot of our food like wheat and corn. We have a market of 90 million people,” Al-Abd added. “Egypt has decided to build a coal-fired power station, and is looking to buy Australian coal.”

Foreign investment in Egypt was estimated at $14 billion annually, however, that number has decreased since the 2011 revolution.

Egypt’s tourism ministry expects that the industry may fully recover by 2015, which may encourage more foreign investment in the country, as it is heading towards stability following three years of political unrest.