Egyptian among shortlisted Martian colonists


‘Big Brother’ creator Endemol reportedly obtained last year global rights to turn its ‘Mars One’ mission into a reality TV show and Egyptian Mohamed Sallam is among the 100 shortlisted to colonise the Red Planet.

Those who aspire to living their lives on Mars will see their dream come true through an exclusive version of ‘Big Brother’ set to be launched in…well 2024.

‘Mars One’ is the latest project of the Dutch Company Endemol, which will give hopefuls from Earth the unprecedented chance to see a Martian colony while on a trip to space. As such, it will be documented in a new show by the ‘Big Brother’ makers.

The historic mission will be experienced by 24 people (six teams of four) out of the 705 candidates already whittled down from the original 200,000 who applied to become crew members of the mission.

The first crew will blast off from Earth in 2024 for a 200-day journey with additional teams of four to be sent every two years to the colony.

On 16 January, the shortlist of 100 candidates was chosen and, as Mirror reports, includes 39 from North and South America, 31 from Europe, 16 from Asia, seven from Africa and seven from Australia. Egyptian Mohamed Sallam is among them.

Treasuring his Egyptian ancestry, Sallam will hopefully help colonise a new planet while approximately 40 million miles away from the crowded streets that comprise his home.

Those who were shortlisted will be “tested to the extreme” by a panel of scientists and astronauts and evaluated, as reported by Wired UK magazine, to “demonstrate that they have acquired the intricate knowledge and skills as well as the high levels of psychological and physical performance needed.”

On the entire planet of Mars, there will be space for only 24 human beings. Our fingers are crossed that Sallam will be selected to venture where no man has gone before.