Egyptian director Nader Galal dies at 73


Renowned Egyptian director Nader Galal died on 16 December at the age of 73 after suffering from lung cancer.

The celebrated writer and film director was introduced to the film industry at an early age by his parents, both pioneers of the Egyptian film industry: his mother, prominent Lebanese-native actress Mary Queen and his father, legendary Egyptian actor and director Ahmad Galal.

Galal began his career at the “Film Galal” studio that his parents established in the 40s, the late icon first displayed both his writing and directing talent with his debut film ‘Bedur’, in 1947.

His career in which he directed more than 50 films and several television series, gained him wide acclaim for being the master-mind behind the most memorable movies which have wowed the Egyptian audiences throughout the years.

The most remarkable works of Nader Galal include: ‘Al-Irhabi’, ‘Al-Wad Mahrous Betaa Al-Wazir’, ‘Bakhit wa Adeela’, ‘Gazira Al-Shaytan’, ‘Salam Ya Sahby’, ‘Hassan Al-Lol’, and ‘Abbas Al-Abyad fi Al-Youm Al-Aswad’.

With the climax of his career being during the Golden age of Egyptian cinema, Galal left a mark in the country and an undeniable resonance for the future generation to follow.

In 1997 Nader Galal was awarded Best Director prize at the Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema and in 2008 he received the ministry of culture award for his lifetime achievements.

(photo: elcinema)

He passed away on Tuesday after losing his long battle with cancer. The funeral will be held on 18 December at Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Mosque in Cairo.