Egyptian filmmaker Ahmad Abdalla to shine at Singapore International Film Festival


Singapore International Film Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary and Egyptian actor Ahmad Abdalla will be the main highlight of the festival’s ‘Filmmaker in Focus’.

The young filmmaker’s work will be featured on the silver screens of the festival, the largest and longest-running film event in Singapore.

While featuring an array of 147 films in its 11 categories from over 50 countries, which will be screened in several venues across the country, the promising Ahmad Abdalla will be the light of this year’s ‘Filmmaker in Focus’ section.

2014 is definitely the year of cinema for Egypt as it has been widely celebrated due to the local artists who are contributing to their country’s return to the golden era of Egyptian cinema, prompting international attention from cinephiles and critics alike.

Abdalla caught the attention of international film critics with his 2008 ‘Heliopolis’, one of the first Egyptian films independently produced in the 2000s, which was also awarded the Special Mention prize at the 2009 Cairo International Film Festival.

The talented filmmaker has quickly progressed with his impressive career since receiving international praise as well as awards.

The Singapore International Film Festival will honour Abdalla while screening four of his films: ‘Heliopolis’, ‘Microphone’, ‘Rags and Tatters’ and his latest work ‘Décor’, which had its world premiere at this year’s Cairo International Film Festival.

As such, he will added to the A-list of artists of whom Egypt is proud of while being honored by Asian screens which will serve as an undisputed and deserved launchpad for the Egyptian filmmaker’s career.