Egyptians love Facebook


Egypt is ranked 17th worldwide and 1st among Arab countries in terms of Facebook users according to a report published in 2013 by eMarketing Egypt, a company specialised in integrated e-marketing services.

Egypt represents about 1.4 per cent of global Facebook users with 16 million members, accounting for 18.84 per cent of the total Egyptian population, and 48.11 per cent of the on-line population in Egypt. This numbers represents a growth of 41 per cent in comparison to 2012.

The report shows that 67 percent of Facebook users did not specify their relationship status, however by excluding this category, the single users will be representing around 53 percent of Egyptian Facebook users, making Egypt one of the top countries for singles on Facebook.

source: eMarketing Egypt

Facebook in Egypt is dominated by those below 30 years old. Analysis of different age groups shows that interest in Facebook increases with age for Egyptians younger than 25, while as people enter their late twenties and onward gradually lose interest.

source: eMarketing Egypt

Gender comparison reveals that male Facebook users represent 62 per cent, while female users represent around 37 per cent.

source: eMarketing Egypt

Facebook is the largest online social network worldwide with 1.15 billion monthly active users at the end of June 2013, and 699 million daily active users.