Egypt’s national role – Al-Tahrir News Network


Once Egypt proposed a ceasefire initiative, Hamas, Turkey and Qatar launched cruel media attacks on the country. This initiative was an exact copy of Morsi’s initiative that was proposed in November 2012, which was met by an immediate endorsement by Hamas and Israel, consequently leading to what came to be known as “peaceful understandings” because of the fact that they were verbal understandings and promises, not an official written declaration or peace treaty.

The new Egyptian initiative was not changed or amended, therefore, Hamas’ refusal is political in nature. Qatar and Turkey gave an order to the Chairman of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Khaled Mashaal, to reject the Egyptian ceasefire initiative, and he followed it. The refusal came as a prelude to a series of rumours regarding Egypt’s and the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) intentions. Supposedly, these rumours claim that Egypt seeks the immobilisation and disarmament of the “resistance”. What resistance though? And which article of the initiative supports such a claim? Not to mention claiming that the Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdallah Ben Zayed had met with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in Paris, where they had agreed upon the necessity of Israeli strikes on Hamas to abolish the movement and seize the strip, while also claiming that the meeting was attended by Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. All of their claims are pure lies! Mentioning the three countries that had supported Egypt during the 30 June uprising against the Muslim Brotherhood is viciously political. Their aim is to distort the four nation’s image by claiming Israel’s Egyptian support for the disarmament of the resistance along with the Emirates allegedly conspiring to strike Gaza with Saudi and Jordanian blessings.

They have refused Egypt’s initiative and stated that Qatar and Turkey are writing an alternative, an initiative that will include a lift of the siege, granting them access to all border crossings. It will also demand that the Rafah border crossing be under the supervision of international peacekeeping forces. The latter amendment either indicates complete ignorance or cruel intentions towards Egypt.

The Gaza Strip can be accessed through seven border crossings, six of which are under Israeli supervision and the seventh is controlled by Egypt. The six Israeli border crossings are solely for the transportation of supplies and Egypt’s is the only trippers’ passage, an actual terminal for travellers, not for trucks transporting goods. Yet, they demanded that the border crossing must be under international supervision.

This condition is unacceptable by any nation, even by a smaller country. Why would a sovereign nation relinquish a piece of its land and approve of the notion of an international entity controlling one of its gates? Such a demand was not made for any of Israel’s six crossings, yet it was made to embarrass Egypt and put it between Scylla and Charybdis; either accept the terms and suffer the image of incomplete sovereignty, or reject the demand and face accusation of prolonging the suffering of Palestinian people.

They have refused Egypt’s initiative, therefore, Israel resumes the assault on the people of Gaza which escalated to a ground invasion, leaving numerous dead coupled with massive financial losses, which is not of Hamas’ concern to say the least, nor its allies in Turkey and Qatar. Their only concern is to hide behind the wall of innocent civilian bodies, while Hamas’ leaders exist in the luxurious hotels of Qatar and Turkey or hide in fortified bomb shelters where they cannot be harmed. The innocent people of Gaza pay with their own blood for Hamas’ interests, which for all intents and purposes propagates the international orchestration of the Muslim Brotherhood’s conspiracies.