Egypt’s Sunken Treasures to be exhibited in Europe – Al-Tahrir News Network


The Supreme Council of Antiquities have agreed to hold an exhibition entitled ‘Egypt’s Sunken Treasures’ in Paris, London and Berlin, which will run for one year.

President of the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology, Franck Goddio requested to hold the exhibition for €600,000, with the addition of €1 on each ticket after the number of visitors exceeds 100,000.

The exhibition will display objects from the underwater excavations of the Institut Européen d’Archéologie Sous-Marine (IEASM), conducted since 1992 in Alexandria and Aboukir Bay by Franck Goddio, in co-operation with the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt.

Ahmed Sharaf, head of the Museums Sector, said the exhibition will feature 293 artefacts, which have been selected from several museums in Egypt.

Eighteen pieces will be from the Egyptian Museum, 22 from the Greco-Roman Museum, 31 from the Alexandria National Museum, 15 from the Museum of the Library of Alexandria, and 207 pieces from the Department of Underwater Antiquities.

Al-Damati said in a statement that the ministry has insurance to protect the artefacts in the exhibition against any kind of damage, loss, theft, or confiscation, including cases of natural disasters, wars or emergency reasons.

“The cost of insurance for the exhibition is more than $150 million,” said Al-Damati.

The exhibition will promote tourism in Egypt and strengthen cultural ties between Egypt and the European Union countries, and the revenue will help towards the lack of income at this time, according to the minister.

Sharaf said that the first exhibition will be at the Arab World Institute in Paris from September 2015.

Photographs: Christoph Gerigk