Emails from the grave: ‘Don’t die with secrets that need to be free’


Ever wonder what happens to your digital life after you die? Maybe it’s a bit morbid to think about it but the reality needs an answer if that unfortunate event happens.

A company called Death Switch offers an automated service that sends emails to your loved ones, family, and colleagues if the unfortunate event of your passing occurs. Their tagline? “Don’t die with secrets that need to be free.”

The digital service allows you to choose recipients to which emails you have written ahead of time will be sent to. It allows you to send untold secrets, pour out your heart, say that thing you always wanted to say but couldn’t, all through one interface, one system.

The company’s website explains, “Imagine that you die with computer passwords in your head, leaving coworkers without access to critical files. Imagine your loved ones cannot find your bank accounts, or that you die with a secret that you longed to reveal during your lifetime.”

“A deathswitch is an automated system that prompts you for your password on a regular schedule to make sure you are still alive. When you do not enter your password for some period of time, the system prompts you again several times. With no reply, the computer deduces you are dead or critically disabled, and your pre-scripted messages are automatically emailed to the individuals you designated,” the company’s website continues.

Death Switch also boasts rigorous security to ensure that no one reads your messages before it is time.

While the whole thing seems a bit macabre, it at least allows Internet users the freedom to let go of things that they may not be able to say before they pass away.

If you decide to only have one recipient and one message, it’s absolutely free. The more people you want to send messages too, the steeper the price, as it goes in almost any market, especially in tech.

In recent years, technology has made leaps and bounds to places people didn’t dare dream of a decade ago. And now, it offers the possibility for people to speak from the dead. Via email, that is.