Ericsson to upgrade Etisalat Egypt network


Ericsson is set to upgrade Etisalat Egypt’s mobile telecoms network, it was announced last week.

In a statement, Ericsson said that it will optimise the performance of the network by using its heterogeneous network solutions. The vendor claims that its combination of macro and small cell solutions can address the increase in mobile broadband traffic and elevate service performance.

In particular, the upgrade will allow Etisalat Egypt to address video traffic demand in urban areas, where it may not be practical to find additional sites for macro cells, Ericsson said.

“Mobile broadband traffic, in particular, is increasing day after day, and Ericsson’s solutions will allow us to successfully address our customers’ demands in a scalable and sustainable manner,” said Saeed Al Hamli, CEO of Etisalat Egypt.

As part of the upgrade, Ericsson will also support Etisalat with the development of new key quality indicators, which will measure the end user experience, the vendor said. Ericsson claimed that, by analysing the data provided by these indicators, Etisalat will be able to better serve its end users’ needs.

“By extending our collaboration with Etisalat Egypt, we are helping the Egyptian residents in their transition to the Networked Society,” said Isil Yalcin, president of Ericsson’s North East Africa unit.

“Superior customer experience is an essential element in the Networked Society and acts as a major factor of differentiation for all operators in markets as competitive as Egypt. We believe that our solutions will pave the way for Etisalat Egypt to empower its consumers with a higher level of connectivity.”