Ethiopia agrees to resume Renaissance Dam negotiations


The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation received an official letter from its Ethiopian counterpart approving the resumption of the Renaissance Dam tripartite negotiations in Khartoum, Sudan, scheduled to take place on 25-26 August.

Egyptian Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hossam Moghazi explained that the negotiations will address the convergence of views between Cairo and Addis Ababa regarding the relation between the reservoir volume and drought years, which will not affect Egypt’s needs.

Moghazi explained in a statement that the negotiations will continue where the dam evaluation committee left off, so will not start from scratch, and the negotiations in Khartoum will focus on the joint declaration of the Egyptian-Ethiopian summit in Malabo. The bilateral summit, held in parallel to the African summit, saw Ethiopia’s refusal of Egypt’s demand to add a third neutral international party to the negotiations.

Additionally, he stated that the negotiations between technical experts will discuss the framework of the dam’s operation regarding technical standards and regulations, which will be met with adjustments to Egypt’s Aswan High Dam, in order to avoid any effect on Egypt’s agricultural, industrial and residential needs.

The negotiations will address Egypt’s concerns regarding the dam, and matters of dispute will be prioritised and discussed according to a strict schedule. Also addressed was the safety portfolio of the dam, including the operating system of filling the reservoir, which is at a colossal volume of 75 billion cubic metres.