EU mission ready to monitor presidential elections – Al-Tahrir News Network


The European Union will monitor next week’s presidential elections in Egypt despite not being able to deploy all personnel.

“Due to administrative challenges, members of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) were not deployed as anticipated,” Mario David, chief observer of the EU EOM, stated at a press conference today in Cairo. He continued, “However, thanks to joint efforts and constructive engagement of the Egyptian authorities, I am pleased to announce that the EU EOM is able to continue to observe the presidential election in Egypt as widely as possible throughout the country.”

“Because of the delays, we need to adjust our mission in order to operate in line with our standard observation rules; the EU EOM remains at all times impartial and will not interfere in the election by offering advice or assistance to the process,” David added.

According to David, the EU EOM will assesses the legal framework and continue to observe the election period, the performance of the election administration and the overall environment of the process, including respect for fundamental freedoms, civil and political rights, performance of the media, vote count, and tabulation of results as well as possible complaints and appeals.

Initial findings will be presented in a preliminary statement by the EU EOM at a press conference two days after the elections. A comprehensive analysis with eventual recommendations offered for consideration to the authorities will be published at a later stage.

The EU has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government and Egypt’s Presidential Election Committee (PEC), guaranteeing freedom of movement to all EU EOM members, access to all polling stations, related sites and bodies plus all relevant information.

Upon invitation from the Egyptian government to observe the upcoming presidential election, the European Union deployed a core team of 10 analysts on 18 April in Cairo. A second group of 30 observers arrived in Cairo on 25 April.