Facebook says you should only pay for ads viewed, not served


While online ad agencies continue to have companies pay for ads served, Facebook says you should only pay for those actually seen. 

On Wednesday, Facebook published a blog post on its website entitled ‘The Value of Viewed Impressions’ which explores the differences between “viewed impressions” and “served impressions.”

The post explains, “If an ad is served, it means that a publisher has told its system to deliver an ad. As long as the system registers delivery of the ad, it’s counted as a success. What happens next is less certain. The ad could appear someplace where lots of people see it, like the top of a website homepage. Or it might be served without anyone ever seeing it.”

“Viewed impressions add an extra layer of analytical rigor, as well as common sense. They more accurately define delivery and help ensure that people have seen the ads they’re supposed to see,” the post continued.

Facebook explains the value behind viewed impressions (image: Facebook)

Experts have noted that while digital ad agencies, including Google, have no way of knowing how many web surfers are actually viewing an advert, Facebook already has such mechanisms in place, such as their ‘reach’ system for a Facebook Page post. As such, viewed impressions provides a way of providing organic marketing and places value in the kind of reach an advert obtains compared to how times it may be served.