France will not intervene in Iraq – Al-Tahrir News Network


Fabius headed on Sunday to the Iraqi Kurdish city of Arbil to oversee the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians who have fled the Islamic State (IS) militants raids on northern and western Iraq since June.

“The Americans have intervened in a useful way while specifying — and they are right — that they have no intention of sending ground troops,” Fabius said at a televised joint press conference with Massud Barzani, the president of Iraq’s autonomous region of Kurdistan.

“As for France, our support is currently humanitarian… France is not currently planning a military-style intervention,” he added.

Fabius denounced what he called the “Caliphate of Hate”, which refers to the self-proclaimed authority of IS militants in June over large parts of Iraq and Syria.

On Saturday, the US military started targeted air strikes in Iraq against Islamic State (IS) militants, hitting artillery positions.

The strikes came shortly after US President Barack Obama announced the attacks on IS militants in Iraq, who have taken control of large parts of the country.